The latest from

the Acclaimed Series

The latest from

the Acclaimed Series

Notes from the End of the World

Notes from the End of the World


Is salvation still possible in a world gone mad?

Alone in the ruins, Colin struggles to find purpose after losing everyone he cared for to the zombie apocalypse. Then fate brings a chance encounter with acquaintances Nick and Cindy, offering Colin a glimmer of hope. Though they only met once before, he must help them escape their collapsed town and travel to a rumored safe haven.

But the road ahead is paved with dangers. Massive zombie hordes block all exits. Treacherous bandits lurk in the shadows. Supplies dwindle by the day. Colin must tap into his survival skills and gaming prowess to guide Nick and Cindy on a death-defying journey to salvation.

This gripping tale is the second volume in the Notes from the End of the World series. With adrenaline-fueled action and emotional depth, Colin's Story is an unforgettable apocalyptic saga of loss and redemption.

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About Donna

Donna Burgess is an acclaimed author in the realms of horror and dark fantasy, known for her unique blend of the macabre and profound. Her novels, including the chilling "Solstice," the poignant post-apocalyptic "Notes from the End," and the darkly immersive "Darklands," have established her as a formidable voice in the genre. Her short fiction has captivated readers in notable publications such as "Weird Tales," "Dreams and Nightmares," and "Deathrealm," showcasing her versatility and skill in weaving narratives that are both terrifying and deeply human.

Excellent story of the beginning of the end. This zombie virus moved slower than most but was every bit as deadly and sure. It was perhaps All the more awful for the slowness of it. I really enjoyed the story.”

Reader Reviews Donna Burgess

Crystal Roe (Notes from the End of the World, Vol. 1)

“...if you are "into" zombie lit, you have read a few zombie books already. this book is different. it's better. it's far better. it's, i'm going to just come out and say it, a startlingly moving, frightening, page turning, thrilling, nail-biting, poignant, cliff-hanging, incredibly well written book.”

--SUE (Solstice: A Zombie Novel)

I'm not much of a reader but once I open one of Donna's books, I can't put it down. Shocked by the ending.”

SAMMY49 (Snowfall)

“I was really impressed with this story. The writing is very intricate and highly descriptive,with everything having a purpose. The story is quite graphic in gore and violence, but not unnecessarily so...”

Zoe (Darklands: A Vampire’s Tale)

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